Saturday, May 9, 2009

Women Using Dildos

Since the beginning of time there were women using dildos for sexual pleasure. Dildos have then followed mankind through out it's history. Fast forward a few centuries, and dildos and women are now synonymous with each other. Most likely you have heard the saying ("Diamonds are a girl's best friend"). Well If you look around at all the women using dildos, it's fair to say that, that statement is pretty much far from the truth. So I think the right statement would be "Dildos are a girl's best friend". I'm quite sure many of you men would agree.

Quite simply there are more women using dildos than there are women wearing diamonds. For many women, using a dildo is not only a pleasure, but it's also a way of life. Some women like to sit their dildos up on various furniture, and admire them like trophies. Some women talk to their dildos, others like to kiss theirs, while others like to carry theirs around wherever they go. Most women have a name for their own dildo. Catie, Tasha, and Ruby are just some of the names I've heard. You might not believe it but some women love their dildos like a boyfriend or husband.

Why women use dildos

Now that we know there are millions of women using dildos, you may be asking yourselves why do women like using dildos so much? Well after talking to many women I came up with 10 reasons why.

  • Dildos boost their self esteem - Dildos help them let their inner sexual being soar wildly. They are able to express themselves sexually on their own terms. This makes them feel good.
  • Dildos stimulate the senses - Women and their partner's love it when she's sliding her dildo inside and out of vagina. This is a turn on for both of them, and a man really gets excited at seing a woman pleasure herself. This really empowers her.
  • Dildos help women discover their physical sexual anotomy - With a dildo a woman can really explore her insides and experiment to see what really makes her feel good. She can also try some new moves.
  • Back up - Sometimes when partners are having sexual relations, the man may climax quicker than the woman. This is where the dildo can come in and help finish the job. This gives the guy time to ready up for that next joyous round.
  • Vaginal Therapy - Using a dildo strengthens kegel muscles and increases orgasms. It can also work in unison with the fingers and tongue for added ecstasy and pleasure
  • Safe Sex - A dildo is a very safe way to have sex. Use a condom on your dildo to make sure you dont infect your partner or get infected by your partner.
  • Abstinence - For the women who choose to abstain from sexual contact, a dildo makes a great replacement for the real thing.
  • Ready To Go - Dildos are always ready to go. They never tell you no. They don't get headaches. They don't go out all night with the boys. They do exactly what you make them do, and they are at you every beck and call. Now how convenient is that. Guys Eat Your Heart Out!
  • Money - There are thousands of women using dildos for money. The porn industry is a multi- billion dollar industry, and a huge part of that is accredited to the many hot scenes and movies depicting women using dildos.
  • Pleasure - Most women use dildos for one good reason, it just feels good. Women basicly love a good stiff one in them point blank.

Women toys money and porn

The porn industry makes billions of dollars a year advertising women toys and women using dildos. There is a wide variety and selection of different types of porn to choose from. There is Hardcore porn, Soft porn, Acrotomophilia, Alt-porn, Chicksor, Straight porn, Parody, Gay, Animal, and hentai just to name a few. Many pornographic movies depict people of all nationalities, young and old, straight and gay, bi and tri, engaging in sexual acts of all types.

Along with the different types of pornography, there are different types of adult sex toys, including Dildos, Vibrators, Cock rings, Sex machines, Butt plugs, Beads and kits, Handcuffs, Whips and chains and many more women toys. All these sexual items bring in huge amounts of money a year. Out of all the many different women toys in the industry, there are none more depicted in movies than the dildo and women using dildos. This seems to be the most widely used scene in millions of smut flicks.

There is an unusual infatuation with dildos and women who use them. The most common scene shows a pretty female thrusting a dildo in and out of her vagina or inserting it in their mouth, or anus, or letting another person, male or female perform these acts on them. There are thousands of women who get paid very good money to perform these sexual acts in front of camera. Being that the sex industry is a male dominated industry, the majority of people that watch this stuff are men. This is what keeps the sex industry thriving.

Sex sells because we as humans like sex, and as long as there are men and women who like to watch people have sex, weather it be group sex, one on one sex, heterosexual or gay sex or just women using dildos,or women playing with women toys, people will continue to dish out their hard earned money to visually and physically satisfy their own sexual needs. Until next time;


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What's your pleasure ;-)


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